About ArborTIMES

From Edge Ahead Associates, producer of ArborEXPO, comes ArborTIMES, a fully digital publication to educate and inform the tree care industry. Our online magazine, newsletter, and website enable us to expand our reach to more individuals and companies, and keep in touch with the industry between events. Your advertising dollars support this effort— we couldn’t do it without you.

Our subscribers include professionals across the green industry specializing in arboriculture, pests, safety, technology, equipment, and more. From residential and commercial tree care, to municipal teams, to line clearance, and disaster recovery, with your support we are able to provide timely, valuable information to support growth at the micro and macro levels and help the industry work more safely. Safety begins with teamwork. We leverage subject-matter experts to ensure all images, including advertising and editorial, reflect the ANSI Z133 Safety Standards and OSHA requirements for safe tree work. If you have questions about your advertising graphics, please reach out to us.

Our reach is close to 35,000 people and growing every day.

Introducing the ArborTIMES Team

Our team includes publishing and marketing professionals, experts in safety and business, ensuring our content is accurate, relevant, and just what you need and nothing you don’t.

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Sachin Mohan, Publisher

Sachin Mohan

With more than 24 years of experience and a unique vantage point in the tree care industry, Sachin Mohan helps companies drive greater efficiencies and effective outcomes with their marketing resources. Mr. Mohan combines his love for technology (how it works) with his passion for business (how it sells) in positioning value-based solutions for his clients.

Sachin Mohan: [email protected]

Millicent Skiles, Editor

Millicent Skiles 

With over 15 years of experience in journalism and marketing, Millicent Skiles began her career as a newspaper reporter in San Francisco. A seasoned editor and writer, she specializes in storytelling, understanding audiences and content strategy. She is also a master gardener with an emphasis in pruning.

Millicent Skiles: [email protected] 

Amy Kent, Managing Editor

Amy Kent 

Amy comes from a background in journalism, previously serving as the publisher of a regional travel and leisure news magazine in the Mid-Atlantic. She has over 7 years of experience curating and refining content for various travel, outdoor, and industry publications and is an expert in marketing and communications.

Amy Kent: [email protected] 

Mara Watts, Associate Editor

Mara Watts 

Mara brings over a decade of marketing and writing experience, specializing in tree care, forestry, and agriculture. Her niche-specific writing career was inspired by childhood days spent at her father’s lumberyard in Asheville, NC. With an extensive background in digital marketing, Mara brings fresh and creative perspective on email marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing.

Mara Watts: [email protected] 

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Richard May, Tech Director

Richard May

Publishing and design require a sharp eye. Richard May has more than 29 years of experience as a graphic designer, 18+ years of which he worked as Art Director for Tree Care Industry Magazine. He looks forward to continuing to serve the tree care industry as Technical Director and Senior Graphic Designer for ArborTIMES.

Richard May: [email protected]

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Ken Palmer, Safety and Training Advisor

Ken Palmer

With more than 30 years of experience, Ken Palmer is a master instructor, coach, speaker, author, researcher and workforce development consultant for the tree care industry. He is President and CEO of ArborMaster® Training Inc. and ArborMaster® Outfitters, and is a three-time ITCC World Champion.

A portrait of a man with a helmet
Jared Abrojena, Safety and Training Advisor

Jared Abrogena

A second-generation Certified Arborist, Jared Abrojena is President and Co-Founder of Academy Trained. He is also an ITCC world champion (2009), and NATCC champion (2010). Jared provides hands-on training in controlled environments to elevate industry standards of safety.

Korey Conry
Korey Conry, Safety and Training Advisor

Korey Conry

Korey Conry is a Field Safety Supervisor/Trainer at Mountain F Enterprises and has been in the tree industry for over four years. He found his home in the Safety department, training, onboarding, and helping develop the safety culture with new hires. He is a certified arborist through the ISA, California Flagger instructor, CPR instructor, TCIA instructor, and OSHA Authorized Trainer. Since November 2020, Korey has been a lead instructor of a 5-week utility line clearance arborist class through Butte College. Korey has worked in wildland firefighting and as an emergency room technician and has a love for the outdoors.

A portrait of a man wearing an olive jacket
Dane Buell, Senior Advisor

Dane Buell

Dane has more than 30 years of professional experience serving the tree care industry, and is currently he working with a tree management software company. He is passionate about arborist safety, and is a past chairman of the ANSI A300 committee. 

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Mark Garvin, Senior Advisor

Mark Garvin

Mark Garvin’s involvement in the tree care industry spans more than two decades, with varied experience including Editor for Tree Care Industry Magazine, President of the Tree Care Industry Association, consulting on the M&A team for SavATree, and serving as the Co-Chair of the Sustainable Urban Forests Coalition.