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On My Way to ArborEXPO ’24

I am looking forward to meeting all of you at ArborEXPO ’24 Mar. 27 and 28. This will be my first time attending, and everyone at ArborTIMES keeps telling me to “get ready.”

Millicent Skiles, Editor

I have a feeling that when I arrive, I won’t know what to do first. Do I check out the popular competition tree climbing presentation? Do I learn more about complex tree removals? Check out all the gear on the trade show floor? Maybe hang around the outdoor showroom in case someone hands me the keys to a miniloader?

More than anything, I’m excited to meet all of you. I’ve spent the better part of 2023 mulling over the kind of content that matters to you, and now I can just ask you in person.

From what I’ve learned so far, some of you are gear geeks. You like seeing powerful equipment in action and figuring out how they work. Some of you are philosophers. Trees represent the health of our communities and environment, which requires thoughtful decisions. And some of you just want to stay safe. You have a family to provide for and/or employees depending on you.

Maybe hang around the outdoor showroom in case someone hands me the keys to a miniloader?

My goal for ArborTIMES in 2024 is to empower you to make decisions. That’s why we’re doing things a little differently in this issue.

We’ve introduced a new Buyers’ Guide series to examine equipment from a purchasing perspective. We want to give you everything you need to know before you spend thousands on equipment. Did we miss anything? I want to know about it! (Seriously, email me at [email protected].)

We’re also launching two new regular series that will focus on personal safety. One will investigate a particular job-site injury, and the other will offer a curated list of gear designed to protect against it. In this issue, for example, we feature cold-weather injuries and high-tech gear to keep you warm.

I hope you introduce yourself if you see me at ArborEXPO ’24. I’ll be the one with a reporter’s notebook asking a ton of questions and furiously scribbling notes.

I imagine Sachin, our publisher, will be pulling me into and out of presentations on OSHA 10 safety, helicopter tree care, and cranes in tight spaces. Looking forward to raising a glass with all of you at the welcome reception.

Next stop, New Jersey!

Yours in safety,

Millicent Skiles