Empowering Arborpreneurs: The Uniting of Six Visionaries at Arbor BC

In the bustling heart of the tree care industry, a remarkable story is being written by Arbor Business Company, Arbor BC for short. This innovative venture transcends the traditional boundaries of a company; it is, in essence, the manifestation of a profound mission. This mission is brought to life by the combined vision and expertise of six industry veterans, who together are reshaping the arboriculture landscape.

At the core of Arbor BC’s ethos is the concept of empowering ‘arborpreneurs’ – a term that aptly encapsulates the entrepreneurial spirit inherent in the tree care industry. To support this vision, the company has developed a comprehensive suite of services. These offerings are meticulously designed to do more than just inform; they are meant to transform. Arbor BC equips tree care professionals with the essential tools and knowledge needed for sustainable growth and success, covering all facets from business acumen to technical proficiency.

The Driving Forces Behind Arbor BC:

Suzanne Guzman (CEO) stands at the helm of Arbor BC, steering the company with a wealth of experience in tackling the complex challenges prevalent in tree care businesses. Her strategic approach, deeply rooted in an acute understanding of operational optimization and team leadership, has been pivotal in charting the company’s course and making a significant impact in the industry.

Adrienne Ashcraft (COO), whose journey in the tree care industry began in her family’s business, brings a unique blend of personal insight and technical prowess in safety and systems engineering. Her deep understanding of the operational aspects of the industry is instrumental in driving Arbor BC’s commitment to enhancing safety and operational efficiency.

Danae Jackson’s (EVP) dynamic experience, including key roles in operational management and safety compliance, underscores her proficiency in leading teams and managing client expectations. Her active participation in community engagement and industry advancement adds a vital dimension to the mission of Arbor BC.

Bob Longo (SVP), with a journey spanning over two decades in the industry, contributes an in-depth understanding of strategic business development and operational management. His disciplined yet innovative perspective, honed through his military background, is a cornerstone of Arbor BC’s strategic pursuits.

Megan Bujnowski (SVP) infuses Arbor BC with her passion for arboriculture, garnered through more than 20 years in the field. She brings a wealth of practical knowledge, training expertise, and an infectious enthusiasm for arboricultural education, playing a crucial role in shaping the company’s training programs.

Carol Connors (VP) contributes her extensive expertise in strategic event management to the team. Her skill in orchestrating large-scale events that align with Arbor BC’s objectives has been crucial in amplifying the company’s presence in the industry and facilitating essential networking opportunities.

A Symphony of Services for Arborpreneurs: Arbor BC’s service offerings are a testament to the team’s collective expertise:

  • Business Solutions: Collaborations with industry leaders to provide essential resources for successful tree care business management.
  • Arborist and Safety Training: Comprehensive training programs, leveraging the combined expertise of certified arborists and safety professionals.
  • Executive Training: Customized programs for leadership teams, focusing on effective leadership, conflict resolution, and inclusivity.
  • Events: Organizing quarterly regional conferences to foster networking and collaboration within the industry.
  • Human Resources: Individualized and customized HR Solutions for every size of company.
  • Succession Planning: Assisting company owners in helping determine their best path for succession.

In addition to these services, Arbor BC enriches the industry with a suite of free resources. These include business checklists, AI utilization guides, DEI checklists, Business plan guides, and so much more – all designed to support the multifaceted needs of tree care businesses.

A Unified Vision for Growth and Excellence: “We’re excited to bring our collective expertise to the tree care industry, offering services that are not just informative but transformative,” states Suzanne Guzman, CEO at Arbor BC. “Our goal is to be a catalyst for the growth and excellence of arborist businesses.”

Together, these six professionals form the heart of Arbor BC. Their commitment to innovation, empowerment, and the advancement of the tree care industry is unwavering. United by a shared vision, they make Arbor BC a beacon of change and growth in the world of arboriculture.

Arbor BC extends an invitation to tree care professionals and entrepreneurs to join them on this transformative journey. With their comprehensive suite of services and free resources, the company stands ready to partner with those who share a passion for tree care and business excellence.

Connect with Arbor BC and become part of a narrative that transcends mere business – a narrative of empowerment, innovation, and community, penned by six visionaries dedicated to nurturing the growth and success of arborpreneurs.

For more information about Arbor BC and its services, contact:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 302-503-0229