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Tracked Lifts OMMELIFT 25.00

The new OMMELIFT 25.00 from Tracked Lifts was built for challenging terrain. Engineered with high-quality materials, heavy-duty construction and reinforced components, the OMMELIFT 25.00 ensures strength and stability. Stabilizers allow the machine to be set up on uneven levels up to 40% (21.8°). Simple and intuitive controls make operator instruction easy and work quicker. The crawler chassis is designed to disperse the machine’s weight, reducing ground pressure when operating on sensitive surfaces or when the platform is craned into multi-story buildings where high reach is required but low weight is a necessity.  

A dual parallelogram articulating riser gives 23 feet up-and-over free clearance and provides vertical wall tracking. Transit length is 22 feet, 7 inches but can be further reduced to 20 feet, 3 inches without the detachable basket. The width can be reduced to just 25 feet. This tracked lift features a working height of 82 feet and a side reach of 42 feet, offering versatility and efficiency, minimizing downtime and enabling operators to complete tasks faster and safer.